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Dr. Jacob Egbert



High Performance | Free Spirit

I started this mediation training company to help people make a meaningful change in the way they experience themselves and life. I focus on the body and the relationship to your mind—the space where all experiences originate. I teach you to access the internal realm and provide pathways for restructuring the automatic systems that have held you back.

Life is meant to be lived fully. I am a physician. Expert in the function of the human body. I've been in practice for 15 years.

My specialty is Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation with a focus on nervous and musculoskeletal systems. I'm a former gym owner and speaker at national conferences on nutrition and physical performance. I've opened and operated wellness programs within multiple hospital systems.

My expertise is in the physical functions of the human body, movement, and brain function. I combine these with my training in transformative education to create programs and products that provide you a new view of yourself and life.


Practitioners use the OOTO method for Creative Meditation to develop lasting and meaningful relationships, create peace of mind, unlock physical, emotional, and mental prowess, build businesses, overhaul systems management, enhance performance, and much more.

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