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OOTO Creative Mediation Course

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Elevate Your Mind. Reach Peak Performance.

Introducing our Creative Meditation Course, designed to enhance your mindset, and get your creative juices flowing every single day. Master your own mind by tapping into your inner world.

Want to know the secret to success in life? It is a curated perception. How you see your "self" and your surroundings changes everything. Wander in using our step-by-step meditation course – engineered by Dr. Jacob Egbert to forge neural pathways and reach new heights in all areas of your life.

Why Take the Course?

  • Discover Confidence Across All Areas

Watch as your newfound meditation practice has a ripple effect through your life. From better relationships to supercharged physical and mental performance, the benefits are endless.

  • Create Peace of Mind

Press the mental pause button by elevating your frequency and observe stressful situations instead of getting caught up in them. It’s time to create peace from within.

  • Make Lasting Connections

Fact: Individuals that are heavily meditated, are also heavily elevated. Take connection to the next level by fostering long lasting relationships with a solid meditation practice.

  • Boost Business Performance

Plug into your “flow state” quicker than ever before and move with ease throughout the day. It’s time to see your opportunities newly and receive downloads that enhance your performance.

  • Realize Your Potential

Tap into your inner wisdom for just a few minutes a day and unleash a sense of freedom like no other. This meditation practice is designed to help you access your creative potential in all areas of life.

The Logistics:

Our digital course is your blueprint for success. We’ve broken it down into bite size chunks, so you can implement it into your daily routine from day one. Modules include:

  1. Your Setting
  2. The Brain, Body, and Nervous System
  3. The Mind, Part I
  4. The Mind, Part II
  5. Life Force
  6. Your Purpose
  7. Your Intention
  8. Language
  9. Your Internal Family
  10. Future Creation
  11. The Subconscious
  12. Your Daily Practice
  13. Physical Alignment
  14. Breath

Your Expert Mentor

Journey to your inner world with Dr Jacob Egbert – your meditation teacher and founder of Your Human Experience. With nearly two decades of studying the human body and brain function, you’re in great hands as you optimize your human potential.

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